How to Download Twitter Video Without Blue Subscription

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download twitter video

While Twitter provides a convenient platform for viewing and sharing videos, users without a Twitter Blue subscription may seek alternative methods to download Twitter video these captivating clips for offline viewing or personal archiving.

This Fake Tweet Generator guide navigates download Twitter videos without needing a Twitter Blue subscription, providing users with accessible and user-friendly techniques to save and enjoy their favourite content. 

Whether it’s a humorous snippet, an informative tutorial, or a memorable event, understanding how to download Twitter videos opens up a world of possibilities for users to curate their personalized collections.

Join us as we analyze the tools and methods that empower Twitter users to download videos without the constraints of a subscription, enabling a seamless and convenient way to enjoy Twitter’s diverse multimedia content.

Download Twitter Video Without Verified Blue Subscription

download twitter video

With X (Twitter), you can download videos directly from the app without utilizing an external program or service.

But let me explain the reason behind this commotion before you follow the instructions to download videos from Twitter without purchasing the Blue (verified) subscription.

How to Download Twitter Videos With Blue Verified Subscription

As Elon Musk recently announced, users can download videos from X (formerly Twitter) from the menu. Users are prompted to choose whether or not they want to download videos while uploading them. Additionally, only Twitter Blue Verified Subscribers—not ordinary users—are eligible for this.

This is how it operates:

1. Update the smartphone app (iOS, Android).

2. After updating the app, find the tweet containing the video you wish to download.

3. To view the video in full-screen mode, tap on it.

4. From the upper right corner, tap the three dots menu.

5. From the menu, choose the option to download the video.

The video will download to the gallery app on your phone. It should be noted that this is only compatible with Android; it is still being determined when it will be available on iOS and the web.

Steps to Stop Others From Downloading Your Twitter Videos

You can turn off this feature when you upload a video to X or Twitter if you don’t want anyone to download it. Additionally, only verified users and Twitter Blue subscribers can access this feature.

To stop the download feature, take the actions listed below.

1. Start a new Tweet and include a video in it.

2. Press the three-dot symbol in the video’s lower right corner.

3. Tap the Flag icon in the bottom bar to view the Content warning section.

4. Turn off the toggle that controls the ability to download Able.

Once finished, the video you uploaded will not be available for download. All users—regular users, legacy verified users, and Twitter Blue subscribers—are covered by this. Sadly, only blue-verified users can turn off downloads.

How to Download Twitter Videos Without a Twitter Blue Subscription?

download twitter video

You can download videos from Twitter in several ways without signing up for Twitter Blue. The video downloader bots are the simplest of them.

Here’s how to get Twitter or X videos without getting the blue verified subscription.

1. Launch the app and find the tweet that contains the download link.

2. In your response to that tweet, tag the @GetVideoBot.

3. When the bot responds, it will provide a download link for the video.

4. Click the link to download the video in the desired quality for your device.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How Can I Download Videos From Twitter or X App?

Ans. Thanks to a recent update, you can now effortlessly download videos to the gallery app on your smartphone. This doesn’t require a third-party service, but you must be a blue or legacy-verified subscriber to accomplish it.

Q. I Want to Download Videos From Twitter, but Do I Need to Buy Twitter Blue?

Ans. Indeed. A Twitter Blue subscription is required to download videos from the app. However, using the few tips in this article, you can download the videos without signing up for Twitter Blue.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our discussion of how to download videos from the Twitter app or the X without a Twitter Blue subscription. Verified users can now download any Twitter video with ease. Unfortunately, there is no way for unverified users to download videos from the platform.

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