How to Find User ID on Twitter

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find user id

Finding a user ID on Twitter is helpful for various purposes, such as analytics, integration with third-party applications, or troubleshooting account-related issues. A Twitter user ID is a unique numerical identifier assigned to each account, distinct from the username or Twitter handle.

In this guide, we will explore how to find user ID on Twitter using different methods and tools available on the platform. Understanding your user ID or obtaining the user ID of other accounts can provide valuable insights and functionalities within the Twitter ecosystem.

Whether you’re a developer, social media manager, or an individual looking to access specific Twitter account information, knowing how to find user IDs can streamline your workflow and enhance your Twitter experience.

Let’s dive into the steps and techniques required to efficiently locate user IDs on Twitter.

What is a User ID on Twitter?

A User ID (UID) on Twitter is a unique numerical identifier assigned to each Twitter account. Unlike the username or handle, which the user can change, the User ID remains constant throughout the account.

This unique identifier helps Twitter and third-party applications differentiate between accounts, especially when handling data, analytics, or API integrations.

User IDs are essential for various purposes, including:

1. Data Analysis: Analyzing user engagement, followers, and tweet activity across different accounts.

2. API Integrations: Integrating Twitter functionalities into third-party applications or services.

3. Account Verification: Verifying identity or ownership of an account in certain situations.

4. Troubleshooting: Resolving account-related issues or conflicts.

Twitter User IDs are typically used in API requests, development environments, and backend systems where a unique identifier is necessary to accurately reference specific Twitter accounts. It’s important to note that User IDs differ from usernames, as users can change usernames, while User IDs remain static for each account.

How to Find User ID on Twitter?

find user id

Finding a user ID on Twitter can be helpful for various purposes, such as using Twitter’s API or integrating Twitter with third-party applications.

Here are a few methods to find a user ID on Twitter:

1. Using a Third-party Tool

  • Visit a website like Tweeter ID ( or IDTwitter (
  • Enter the username of the account you want to find user ID for
  • Click on the “Get ID” or “Lookup” button.
  • The tool will display the user ID associated with the provided username.

2. Using Twitter’s API

  • If you have developer access to Twitter’s API, you can use the users/show endpoint to retrieve user information, including the user ID.
  • Make a GET request to, replacing the username with the desired account’s username.
  • The response will include the user ID in the id_str field.

3. Using Twitter’s Developer Dashboard

  • Log in to your Twitter account and navigate to the Developer Dashboard (
  • Click on the “Projects & Apps” tab and select your app (or create a new one if needed)
  • In the “Keys and tokens” section, locate the “Access token & secret” and click on “Generate.”
  • Use the generated access token to make API requests and retrieve user information, including the user ID.

4. Inspecting the Source Code of a User’s Profile Page

  • Go to the user’s profile page on Twitter.
  • Right-click on the page and select “View Page Source” (or use the shortcut Ctrl+U on Windows or Option+Command+U on Mac)
  • In the source code, search for “rest_id” using the find function (Ctrl+F or Command+F)
  • The number following “rest_id” is the user ID.

Remember that some methods may require authentication or developer access to Twitter’s API. Additionally, while inspecting the source code can work, it is more prone to changes in Twitter’s front-end code and may not be the most reliable method in the long run.

Final Note

Finding a User ID on Twitter is essential for various purposes, from data analysis to API integrations and troubleshooting. By understanding how to access User IDs, users can efficiently navigate Twitter’s ecosystem and leverage account-specific information for their needs.

Whether using the Twitter website to manually extract User IDs from profile URLs, accessing User IDs through the Twitter API for development purposes, or utilizing third-party tools for convenience, the process of finding User IDs empowers users to work with accurate and unique identifiers associated with Twitter accounts.

It’s important to note that User IDs are distinct from usernames and remain constant throughout an account’s existence, making them valuable for consistently referencing and identifying specific Twitter accounts.

Overall, finding User IDs on Twitter enhances users’ functionality, analysis, and integration capabilities across various domains, contributing to a more informed and efficient experience on the platform.

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