Leave This Conversation: How to Use Twitter ‘Leave This Conversation’ Feature

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Navigating Twitter conversations becomes even more seamless with an introduction to the ‘Leave This Conversation’ feature.

Have you ever been caught in a thread that no longer aligns with your interests or intentions? This guide is your ticket to gracefully bowing out of conversations on Twitter.

Learn how to effectively wield the ‘Leave This Conversation’ feature, empowering you to curate your digital experience on the platform.

Whether decluttering your notifications or simply seeking a smoother exit, this Fake Tweet Generator tutorial has you covered. Join us as we unravel the steps to bid farewell to Twitter conversations with ease and finesse.

What is Leave This Conversation Feature on Twitter?

leave this conversation

You may occasionally want to stop participating in a Twitter chat. Until recently, the only option to accomplish this was to mute the conversation.

Twitter has now realized how important it is, and shortly, you will notice a new “leave this conversation” option that allows you to exit an unpleasant Twitter thread quickly.

However, the platform does allow users to leave group conversations on direct messages (DMs). Users can exit the conversation in a group DM if they no longer wish to participate.

How to Use Leave This Conversation Feature on Twitter?

leave this conversation

However, users can leave group conversations in direct messages. If there have been updates or changes to Twitter’s features since then, here are the general steps for leaving a group conversation in direct messages:

1. Open the Group Conversation: Navigate to your direct messages on Twitter and open the group conversation you want to go to.

2. Click on the Group Info: In the top right corner of the group conversation, click on the “i” icon or “Group info” option.

3. Leave Group: Look for the option that says “Leave group” or something similar.

4. Confirm: Twitter may ask for confirmation to leave the group. Confirm your decision.

Please note that leaving a group conversation means you won’t receive further notifications from that group.

How to Mute a Conversation on Twitter?

leave this conversation

Muting a conversation on Twitter involves muting specific accounts, keywords, or phrases to reduce notifications from that conversation.

Here are the general steps:

Muting a Conversation:

1. Navigate to the Tweet: Go to the tweet or reply that you want to mute.

2. Click on the More Icon: Look for the three dots (more options) icon in the tweet’s upper right corner.

3. Choose “Mute”: Click on the “Mute” option from the menu.

4. Select Muting Options: Twitter will give you options to mute the account and related words. Choose the desired option.

5. Confirm: Confirm your decision to mute the account or conversation.

Muting Words or Phrases:

1. Go to Settings: Navigate to your Twitter Settings.

2. Privacy and Safety: Select “Privacy and safety” from the menu.

3. Muted Words: Look for the option that says “Muted words.”

4. Add Muted Words: Add the specific words, phrases, or usernames you want to mute.

5. Choose Duration: Decide if you want to mute these words temporarily or permanently.

6. Save Changes: Save your changes.


In wrapping up our exploration of the ‘Leave This Conversation’ feature on Twitter, we’ve unveiled a powerful tool for refining your digital interactions. Bid farewell to cluttered conversations and gracefully exit threads that no longer resonate with your interests.

By mastering this feature, you regain control over your Twitter experience, ensuring your feed aligns seamlessly with your preferences.

As you venture into the dynamic world of Twitter, remember that digital landscapes evolve. While the ‘Leave This Conversation’ feature may be a pivotal element of your social media toolkit, staying informed about future updates and enhancements ensures you’re always equipped with the latest tools for curating your online presence.

Empower yourself to engage authentically, shaping your Twitter interactions to reflect your evolving interests and priorities. Whether it’s a strategic exit from a group conversation or a subtle departure from a thread, the ‘Leave This Conversation’ feature is your ticket to a more tailored and enjoyable Twitter journey.

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