How to Mute or Report Twitter Fleets on iPhone

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Twitter Fleets, a feature allowing users to share temporary photos and videos, has become increasingly popular among iPhone users. However, encountering inappropriate or unwanted content in Fleets can concern many users. Fortunately, Twitter provides options to manage and control Fleets, including muting or reporting Fleets that violate community guidelines or contain offensive material.

This Fake Tweet Generator guide will explore how iPhone users can effectively mute or report Twitter Fleets to maintain a safe and enjoyable browsing experience. Whether you’re seeking to filter out irrelevant content, avoid spoilers, or address abusive behavior, understanding these functionalities empowers users to curate their Twitter feed according to their preferences.

By following simple steps within the Twitter app, iPhone users can take proactive measures to control the content they encounter in Fleets, ensuring a more tailored and personalized browsing experience. Additionally, reporting inappropriate Fleets fosters a safer and more inclusive online community, promoting responsible digital citizenship among Twitter users.

Join us as we navigate the process of muting or reporting Twitter Fleets on iPhone, empowering users to take control of their Twitter experience and contribute to a positive online environment.

What is Twitter Fleets?

twitter fleets

Like the Tales feature on other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter Fleets is a tool developed by the company that lets users upload fleeting images and videos that vanish after a day. A user’s timeline displays fleets at the top, containing text, photos, videos, or comments on other users’ tweets.

The purpose of Twitter Fleets is to provide users with a way to share fleeting moments, thoughts, or updates without the permanence associated with regular tweets. Fleets can be a way to share more casual or spontaneous content, engage with followers more informally, or provide updates that may not warrant a permanent tweet.

Twitter Fleets can be viewed by tapping a user’s profile picture in the Fleets bar at the top of the Twitter app. Users can tap on a Fleet to view it, react to it with emojis, reply via direct message, or share it with their followers. Additionally, users can see who has considered their Fleets, providing feedback on the reach and engagement of their temporary content.

Twitter Fleets offer users a new way to share and entertain with content on the platform, adding a dynamic and transient dimension to the Twitter experience.

How to Mute Twitter Fleets on iPhone?

To mute Twitter Fleets on iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Twitter App: Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone.

2. Navigate to the Fleets Section: Tap on your profile picture or swipe right to access the Fleets section at the top of the Twitter app.

3. Find the User’s Fleet You Want to Mute: Scroll through the Fleets bar to find the user whose Fleets you want to mute.

4. Long-press on the User’s Profile Picture: Press and hold the profile picture of the user whose Fleets you want to mute. This action will get you a menu of options.

5. Select “Mute @Username’s Fleets”: From the menu that appears, tap the “Mute @Username’s Fleets” option. This action will mute the Fleets from this user, and you won’t see their Fleets at the top of your timeline anymore.

6. Confirm the Mute: Confirm the mute action if prompted.

7. Repeat for Other Users: If you want to mute Fleets from multiple users, repeat the process for each user you wish to mute.

By following these steps, you can quickly mute Twitter Fleets from specific users on your iPhone, allowing you to customize your Twitter account experience and control the content you see on your timeline.

How to Report Twitter Fleets on iPhone?

To report Twitter Fleets on iPhone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Twitter App: Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone.

2. Navigate to the Fleets Section: Tap on your profile picture or swipe right to access the Fleets section at the top of the Twitter app.

3. Find the Fleet You Want to Report: Scroll through the Fleets bar to find the Fleet you want to report.

4. Tap on the Three Dots Icon: Next to the Fleet you want to report, tap on the three dots (…) icon. This will bring up a menu of choices.

5. Select “Report”: Tap the “Report” option from the menu that appears. This will open a new menu with reporting options.

6. Choose the Reason for Reporting: Select why you’re reporting the Fleet from the options provided. These options typically include spam, abusive content, sensitive content, or impersonation.

7. Provide Additional Details (if needed): Depending on the reason you selected, you may be asked to provide additional details or context about why you’re reporting the Fleet.

8. Submit the Report: Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, tap the “Submit” or “Report” button to submit your Report.

9. Confirm the Report (if prompted): Confirm the Report if prompted.

Following these steps, you can report Twitter Fleets on your iPhone if you encounter content that violates Twitter’s community guidelines or is inappropriate. Reporting inappropriate content helps maintain Twitter users’ safe and respectful environment.


Learning to report or mute Twitter Fleets on an iPhone allows users to regulate their online experience properly. Users can customize their timelines to feature content that best suits their interests and tastes by muting Fleets from particular users.

This improves the user experience when browsing. Similarly, the option to report unsuitable Fleets guarantees that Twitter will always be a welcoming and safe environment for all users. Users are empowered to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and integrity when they can mute or report Twitter Fleets.

This ensures that Twitter remains a platform where voices are respected and heard, whether the goal is to minimize distractions, avoid offensive content, or uphold community standards.

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