How to Change Twitter Handle: A Step-by-step Guide

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Changing your Twitter handle can be pivotal in rebranding yourself or your online persona. Whether you’re looking to update your handle to reflect a new life stage or align it more closely with your personal or professional identity, the process is relatively straightforward.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process to change Twitter handle, ensuring a seamless transition without losing your followers or previous tweets.

From selecting a new handle to updating your Twitter profile information, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make the change successfully. Whether you’re a seasoned Twitter user or new to the platform, this guide will empower you to change Twitter handle to reflect better who you are and what you stand for.

So, let’s dive in and explore how to change Twitter handle easily.

What is Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle, often called a username, is a distinctive identity marker on the Twitter platform. It’s the unique identifier that users choose to represent themselves or their brands, appearing with the “@” symbol before the selected name. This handle is integral to the Twitter experience, enabling users to mention or tag others in tweets, reply to messages, and engage in conversations.

Choosing a Twitter handle is an important decision, as it identifies you and reflects your personality or brand. It should be easy to remember, relevant to your interests or business, and preferably short enough to ensure readability and easy typing.

Twitter handles are also used to access profiles directly through the Twitter search feature or by clicking on tweet mentions. Therefore, selecting a handle that accurately represents you or your brand and is consistent with your overall online presence is essential.

Once chosen, a Twitter handle becomes a part of your online identity, shaping how others perceive and interact with you on the platform. It’s a key element in building connections, engaging with followers, and participating in conversations within the Twitter community.

Can You Change Twitter Handle?

change twitter handle

Yes, you can change Twitter handle. Your Twitter handle is your username on the platform, and while it’s a crucial part of your identity on Twitter, it’s not permanent. Twitter allows users to change their handles, although there are some limitations and considerations to remember.

When changing your Twitter handle, you should be aware that:

1. Availability: The new handle you want may already be used by another user. You’ll need to choose a handle not currently used by another Twitter account.

2. Character Limit: Twitter handles can be up to 15 characters long. Ensure that your desired handle fits within this limit.

3. Branding: If you’re changing your handle for branding purposes, make sure the new handle aligns with your brand identity and is easy for your audience to remember.

4. Notifications: Changing your handle may affect how others tag or mention you in tweets. Let your followers know about the change to make sure everything is clear.

To change Twitter handle, go to your account settings, navigate to the “Username” section, and enter your desired new handle. Remember that your old handle will become available for someone else to use once you’ve changed it.

Easy Ways to Change Twitter Handle

To change your Twitter handle, follow these easy steps:

1. Log in to Twitter: Go to the Twitter website or open the Twitter app on your device and log in to your account.

2. Access Account Settings: Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select “Settings and privacy” from the dropdown menu.

3. Navigate to Username: In the “Account” section, click “Username.”

4. Enter New Handle: Enter your desired new Twitter handle in the provided field. Keep in mind the character limit of 15 characters.

5. Check Availability: Twitter will automatically check the availability of the new handle. If it’s available, a green checkmark will appear.

6. Save Changes: Once you’ve entered a new available handle that meets the requirements, click the “Save” button to update your handle.

7. Confirmation: Twitter will ask you to confirm the change. Review the new handle and click “Save changes” to confirm.

8. Update Your Profile: After changing your handle, update your profile information and inform your followers if necessary.

That’s it! You’ve successfully changed your Twitter handle.


Changing your Twitter handle is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. Following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can update your Twitter handle better to reflect your identity, brand, or personal preferences.

Remember to choose an available handle that adheres to Twitter’s character limit and guidelines. Once you’ve selected a new handle and confirmed the change, update your profile information and inform your followers about the update if necessary.

Changing your Twitter handle can help you maintain consistency across your online presence and ensure that your profile accurately represents you or your brand.

So don’t hesitate to make the change and enjoy your refreshed Twitter identity!

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